Strategic management of your property portfolio

A well managed property portfolio enhances the services you provide to the public, as well as generating substantial income. We work with train operators and local government to make the most of retail units, car parks, advertising space and other underutilised property.

Strategic advice

We recognise the contractual, regulatory and political complexity that train operators and local authorities face when making changes to property. However from many years’ experience we also know where to focus attention for the best results and how to create solutions that are palatable to regulators, tenants and the public.

Our team provides strategic reviews, develops detailed options for change and leads negotiations with lease holders and other parties. We are also experienced at managing station change processes and transferring capital investments into franchise assets.

Property management

If your employees are spending too much time managing tenants, rather than focusing on your core business, we offer a complete property portfolio management service.

Our nationwide network of staff regularly reviews each of your properties to ensure that tenants remain compliant with all aspects of their lease. Our contracts team also provides regular reviews of rents and manages lease negotiations and renewals on your behalf.

Next steps

To find out more or discuss your requirements in confidence please contact us on 0121 285 2251.

Retail property portfolio

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