Planning and environmental services

For developments which involve politically sensitive or environmentally challenging planning issues, we work with clients to find the best solutions for meeting their objectives while avoiding the negative impacts that lead to difficult objections and unsuccessful planning applications.

Establishing options

By working with you from the outset and holding appropriate discussions with officials as ideas develop, we aim always to shape a development that achieves broad acceptance without a struggle.

We understand the technicalities of environmental, planning and listed buildings and are adept at gauging the nature of political sensitivities. This allows us to challenge initial concepts and explore objections to find what is and is not possible and where there may be room for tradeoffs.

Obtaining consents

We approach the planning process with a view to minimising extra, costly information requests and avoiding the burden of conditions or legal agreements being imposed.

Our specialists assess risk areas, review precedents and build a credible case that reassures officers and planning committees about all their main concerns, while making considered arguments for reasonable exceptions and compromises.

We have an excellent track record, developing and fine tuning applications to provide a smooth passage through planning to achieve all the necessary approvals and consents.

Next steps

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Planning and environmental services

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