Land acquisition services

If your development requires land or property to be acquired from multiple parties, or if there are complex leases or tenancy agreements to resolve, our team has the skills and experience to develop and execute an effective land assembly strategy.

Negotiating change

In an ideal world, all of the parties involved in your land acquisition would have a reasonable understanding of their property’s value, lawyers would seek to find a resolution without driving you to CPO and all of the various access rights, easements, tenancy agreements and regulatory requirements would be complementary rather than conflicting.

In reality, we work with you to negotiate with all of the different parties, building an understanding of what it is that each person wants and needs; what individuals are likely to concede; where officials must draw the line and which subtle changes are likely to tip the balance.

When compulsory purchase orders become necessary, you can be sure that we will have paved the way with earlier negotiations, based on a sound knowledge of precedent and having built a strong case for the public interest.

Managing the processes

To maintain momentum and avoid unexpected issues, we adopt a structured process for land acquisition.

Throughout the engagement we maintain detailed plans, complemented by a register of legal documents that tracks progress and allows us to immediately identify potential delays and other risks.

Next steps

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